LEM #8 Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder Review

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It is our norm to go through a buyer’s guide when planning a new purchase. Unfortunately, most of these guides are quite theoretical; sorry to say so. Look at this if I told you to look for a high-performing meat grinder, which is the standard measure of performance in the meat grinders?

Due to such debates, buyers’ guides have not been 100% effective in looking for expectation meeting tools. For that reason, we considered availing the LEM #8 meat grinder review, which you can use as your search case for the best meat grinder.

Quick Summary

lem 8 meat grinder reviews
Grinder TypeElectric
Dimensions18.5 x 9.13 x 15.59 inches
Weight28.66 lbs
Grinding Capacity7 lbs per minute
Warranty5 Years
Best forHome use
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The LEM meat grinder is the epitome crafting of the best grinding devices. You can choose to purchase exactly this item, or else you can look for another item that has exactly or better operations than it. The bottom line is, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the crafting of the LEM meat grinder.

If you want more reasons why this machine wouldn’t disappoint, check on this LEM #8 meat grinder reviews that has in-depth details about its construction.

Key things about this Meat Grinder

In the following section, we are going to discuss some of the key things about this meat grinder:

Motor Power 

The significant determinant of any electric meat grinder performance is its motor. The motor supplies power to the blades, plates, and the arguer. Meaning, the blades will only grind at a fast speed if the motor’s power is high, while the arguer’s ability to pull more meat fast also depends on the motor power.

Correspondingly the manufacturer could settle to nothing less than a high power of the motor. Its engine has a power consumption rating of 370 watts, a voltage of 120v, and a horsepower of 0.5hp. Resultantly, its plates and blade can grind even the rigid bones. Nevertheless, this machine grinds at a fasts speed with a frequency of 60 HZ.

Grinder Size & Capacity

Yet, it is advisable to look at the grinder’s capacity, especially if it is for a food store or restaurant. What determines the capacity of a meat grinder? Majorly it is the hopper surface. The hopper is the top open component on which you place the meat to be ground.

For the case of this machine, its hopper capacity is approximately 250 pounds. In conjunction with its fast grinding speed, this machine is the best to meet ground meat demand in a busy restaurant.

Build Quality & Durability

If you are not ready to see your meat grinder waste after a few days, then you better look at its durability promising features.

Specifically, the blades should be of a heavy-strength material to withstand the resisting grinding forces. Also, blades are quite prone to corrosion due to frequent exposure to water. Ideally, the meat grinder surfaces should have a special treatment against corrosion. Moreover, it would be best if the grinder had an efficient cooling system.

For instance, this machine is of stainless steel metal which is known to resist fast wasting. Even better, its polish has a special treatment against corrosions. Also, its motor is treated against overheating by an excellent cooling system which enhances its durability.

Safety Feature

Lastly, it would be heinous to have a tool that puts your safety at risk. Majorly, meat grinders are prone to fire accidents or accidentally starting it. Fortunately, this item construction promises user safety.

The interior part has an efficient cooling system and a circuit breaker to prevent overheating, which is the primary source of fire accidents in a meat grinder. Yet, there is a dual switch system that prevents the user from accidentally starting the machine.

What we Like about this Grinder:

  • Its operations are the most silent that I have ever seen.
  • Due to its high horsepower, it can also grind bones.
  • A storage drawer that helps keep the working space organized.
  • 04. Has multiple cutting plates; hence I can set my ideal grinding size.
  • 05. Its fast working frequency is handy when I need to get things done fast.

What we Don’t Like about this Grinder:

  • It doesn’t have a food stuffer attachment.
  • It can’t grind vegetables.

Final Verdict

To wrap up, while purchasing a meat grinder, there are indispensable things to regard unless you are ready to take chances with your hard-earned money. Even keeping aside the budgeting inconveniences caused by a poor quality meat grinder, you will be risking cutting your fingers if not electric shocks.

The LEM #8 meat grinder is a true embodiment of quality crafting that you should pay for. It considers not only high functionality but user safety too. Its motor is robust to supply sufficient energy to the blades. Thus it doesn’t shock that there is no meat hard for this machine to grind. Also, its user-friendly operations promise your safety. The dual switch system prevents you from accidentally powering this machine. Further, the excellent cooling system prevents the motor from overheating.

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