Best Meat Grinder for Bones [Updated – 2023]

Are you looking for a high-performing meat grinder that can grind both meat and bones at the same time without damaging the machine? If that is the case, you need to check the materials and motor capacity of the machine. Ideally, a bone meat grinder should have a motor rating of at least 150 watts. Also, it should be constructed with top-notch stainless-steel materials.

In this article, I’ve put together a collection of the best meat grinder for bones. I also prepared a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the perfect machine for your needs. If you are looking for a sturdy meat grinder to grind bony meat, the following discussion will help you.

10 Best Meat Grinders for Bones

Here’s a quick summary of my selection:

01. STX Turboforce II

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Let’s start the reviw with this excellently crafted meat grinder from the STX brand that has a power rating of 2000watt, three-speed systems, and a kubbe attachment.

The most striking thing about this product is its capacity. Well, the capacity of a meat grinder refers to the amount of meat or bones it can hold and efficiently grind in a given time.

The point?

This meat grinder can grind up to 225 pounds of meat per hour. Due to its enormous capacity, it is exceedingly recommendable for both home cooks and food stores.

Similarly, if you like getting things done soonest, I believe this item will impress you. Why?

It has three-speed functions – high, low, and medium. Consequently, you can set a speed that will accommodate your way of working efficiently.

The best part about this tool is that it has one of the best motors. Hence it is no surprise that it can grind both soft and hard bones such as of rabbit and deer efficiently.

Also, it focuses on both safety and durability. Majorly, it is because of its circuit breaker that reduces the chances of overheating for durability and shocks risks for security. Additionally, its quad air cooling system ensures the efficient flow of air to maintain favorable internal temperature.

02. LEM #12 Big Bite Meat Grinder

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A tool that operates nosily and takes forever to complete a simple task should not exist in the same room as you. I wonder if you got all the time in the world to wait for its tortoise speed or, worse, live in a noisy house when all you need is to relax.

People who are lucky enough to spot and pay for this LEM big bite meat grinder can how good it feels to have a brilliantly crafted item. Let’s have a look at its features, else you will mistake me for overpraising it.

To begin, it is a .75HP electric grinder. Accordingly, it has an enormous supply of power, which increases its speed. I greatly believe that it is the motor that magically makes it possible to grind 300lbs of meat in only 30 minutes.

The modernized brushed steel construction takes things to a higher level. This steel pushes the ground meat or bones forward such that it requires minor user interactions.

03. Sunmile SM-G50 Electric Meat Grinder

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At #3, it is the Sunmile SM-G50 meat grinder that wins most people’s hearts due to its immense grinding power, small size yet big capacity, and stylish yet durable construction. Just, a second and I will give all of its details.

It has a maximum motor power of 1000watts and a circuit breaker. The circuit breaker primarily prevents the motor from burning due to extreme temperatures. Hence it is a safety mechanism and also helps in enhancing durability.

The motor supplies a higher amount of electricity to get the moving parts to rotate at lightning speed. Yet, it equips the components with more thrust and cutting force. It does no longer a surprise that this machine can grind up to 200lbs per hour. However, it can only grind soft bones.

In addition, this machine is not only sturdy but stylish. It has a compact designed body making it occupy only a small surface area of your kitchen space. Yet, its body is of an aluminum metal that has a glossy finish. If you are looking for the best meat grinder for chicken bones, this would be a great option for you.

04. Weston #12 Electric Meat Grinder

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Meat grinders have multiple components in motion. Hence, they need to be lubricated frequently to reduce friction resulting in better performance. Well, that comes as jargon because you may need to disassemble the tool entirely.

Here comes a machine that is permanently lubricated. In simpler words, you will not have to oil it forever, and it will still maintain its effortless motions in the long run.

But wait- there is more.

Suppose you are looking for a medium-sized meat grinder for your home, search no more. This device has a compact rectangular shape that takes only a smaller working space. The best of them all, it can grind 9 lbs of meat within a minute, which meets the needs of most home cooks.

Similarly, when it comes to cleaning the grinder machine, there will be no struggles. Why? Its components are the easiest to disassemble. And even better, it has stain-resistant surfaces making the cleaning process more manageable.

However, it can only grind chicken and turkey bones. Also, it is a little bit noisy in its operations.

05. TUNTROL 304 Stainless Steel Manual Meat Grinder

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Do you need a meat grinder that can grind almost everything? Including mushrooms, tough and soft meat, vegetables, chicken bones, radishes, to name a few? I suspect it is the TUNTROL manual meat grinder that you are looking for.

This powerful device has one of the versatile crafting equipping it to grind most if not all of the home foods.

That’s not all!

Moving on is a double fixed design, which consists of a double fixed steel clamp and a suction cup. This design enables the suction cup to operate at various positions to avoid the machine’s shaking when operated with a single hand.

How do you like your meat sized? Is it thin, coarse, or medium pieces? Good news! This device comes with multiple cutting plates. The plates determine the grinder’s cutting size; consequently, you can choose your ideal cutting size with no pressure.

Talk of stability and durability, this machine is the epitome of them all. Stability is quite critical in all kitchen tools. Else you will have an item that topples anyhow, not to think of the deadly accidents it can cause.

This tool has a polished surface with a rubberized bottom surface to harden its grip for balance. On durability, this machine has a 304 stainless steel construction. Moreover, the blades have an extreme reinforcement to attach them firmly. Actually, the blade’s mount and powerful motor make it possible to grind both soft and hard bones.

06. Happybuy 2200W Meat Grinder

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Having a tool that is complex to operate is enough trouble to keep you out of the kitchen or else feel down when you have to run it. Let me not get deep into how risky it is to have a complicated tool in your kitchen.

Among the many reasons why this tool is ranked among the best meat grinder for bones is its simplest operations. It has a rotary knob that is super easy to adjust. Similarly, there is a safety lock for safety when changing the grinding heads.

The best part is that you can grind up to 350kg of meat in one hour. Hence, if you need a meat grinder for your restaurant, you can be sure its speed wouldn’t disappoint.

Further, versatility is what describes this machine. Why? It has a rotary speed of 170r/min and an input power rating of 2200w. This fast rotary speed makes it possible to get things done in a short time and, more importantly, conserve the food flavors when grinding all types of vegetables and meat.

Also, if you have problems with storage, you don’t have to worry. This excellent functioning device has a detachable design. I mean, you can easily disassemble its components and store them differently. Likewise, this design is quite handy when cleaning it.

If you are looking for a large, powerful meat grinder like this one, feel free to check out my commercial meat grinder reviews.

07. CAM2 304 Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

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Besides looking at how classy is the construction of the meat grinder, please look at its finishing. This is the point, some of the surface finishing in the market today are not safe for our health. Actually, some of these chemicals have been attributed as a significant cause of cancer alongside other deadly illnesses.

Fortunately, the CAM2 meat grinder manufacturer didn’t only ensure we have a finely ground bone for the dog and meat for our family but also assured us that our health is not at risk. How?

Its surface finishing is of an alkaline liquid, which prevents corrosion on the internal surface. Even better, this liquid has been tested to be safe to handle human food.


I guess you would also love it if you can have your meat in different sizes when you want. In this machine, there are two grinding plates for coarse ground meat and finely ground meat.

Moving to its blades, they are of 420 stainless steel. Correspondingly they will irrefutably last for ages. Even better, the blade’s construction is significantly strengthened and brilliantly attached for fast removal and attachments. Indeed, no hassles when you will be cleaning the tool or when replacing the device.

08. NESCO Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

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Yet, the meat grinders are likely to get clogged, mainly if you use them to grind bones. If the machine design does not incorporate a reverse knob, you will have to disassemble it and manually get out the clog. Luckily, for the devices such as the NESCO stainless steel meat grinder, you have only to press the reverse button and wait as the tool unclogs itself.

To add, it is electrically powered. Nowadays, electric grinders are more recommendable than manual grinders due to their fast speed, and also they require minor user interactions in their operations.

What’s the catch?

As an electrically-powered tool, this meat grinder will help save time in your kitchen and allow you to multitask, for most of its operations are automatic.

Further, the gear shaft of this tool works as expected. Gear shafts in meat grinders work with the head grinders to get the ground meat out. Luckily, this item’s shaft has a unique design that allows the food to move smoothly and fast.

If you are looking for a cheap but good quality meat grinder like this one, check out these 10 best meat grinders under $100.

09. Weston #10 Manual Tinned Meat Grinder

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Next, I have this fast and highly efficient meat grinder from Weston. This manual meat grinder can grind both soft and hard bones. In addition, this will help you stuff your sausages in various sizes. How is the construction of this machine?

It has a hopper opening of 3×4 inches. With such a wide opening, you can effortlessly place bulks of meat at a go. Likewise, its funnel has a width of up to 24 mm. Thus, it allows more bulks of meat to get out of the machine, saving time.

Further, you can grind meat to the size that your family loves or bones to the extent that your dog loves. What guarantees that?

This exceedingly recommendable machine has two plates and adjustable burrs. The burrs adjustability accommodates both coarse and thin pieces of food. Hence, you can grind your style effortlessly with this machine.

One of the troubles that come with a manual grinder is the handle. Noting that you have to continually turn the handle shaft, a poor construction will leave you with blisters. Fortunately enough, this tool has a greatly rubberized handle for your hands’ firm grip and safety.

10. Huanyu Manual Meat Grinder

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Finally, I would like to mention this Huanyu manual grinder, whose labor-saving lever makes it easy for both the children or elderly to operate. Yes, you read right! Its lever is quite lengthy and turns softly. Thus, it requires lesser energy to get things done.

As well, it incorporates a spiral cutting technology, which turns the food slowly and gently to help retain the food flavors and more importantly, conserve the food nutrients.

Instead of a blade, this device has a 3CR13- steel cross knife. The knife is tremendously enhanced and equipped to handle most of the home foods. Though what is unique about it is that it can grind the fish bones very smoothly.

Its crafting material is 304 stainless steel. What about it?

The 304 stainless steel is majorly used in food surfaces because it contains no contaminants. That is to say, this machine is medically safe for your health.

The only complaint that its users have is the manual operations. Hence, it might be quite tiring for large quantities of food and also needs a lot of user interactions.

Final Words

So, these are all of the top meat grinders that can be used to grind bones. Some of the grinders are suitable for grinding soft bones only, whereas some grinders can grind hard bones too.

The motor and blade crafting of a meat grinder significantly affects its operations. In other words, it determines the type of foods that you can grind. In fact, if the motor has a low power rating, it might not grind tough meat, not to mention the bones.

You should pick the perfect model that fulfill most of your requirement. I hope the above discussion was helpful to find the best meat grinder for bones. Take your time and read the reviews before making your decision.

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