Best Meat Grinders for Home Use [Updated – 2021]

Out of the many useful kitchen appliances, meat grinders are needed on a regular basis. These cleverly crafted tools are designed to help make the act of chopping meat easier. Be it a sit-down dinner, quick-bite sandwiches, soups, or fancy cuisines, meat grinders are a source of creativity in the kitchen.

When it comes to choosing the best meat grinders among a wide variety of options, you may need to consider several factors such as capacity, power, performance, durability, features, etc. So, it is quite difficult for anyone to choose the right meat grinder. In this article, I’ve put together a collection of the top-performing meat grinders so that you can find the right one for your needs.

10 Best Meat Grinders for Home

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Here’s a quick summary of my selection:

In the following section, I’ve listed some of the key features, benefits, and problems of each of these meat grinders.

01. STX Turboforce Classic 3000

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The STX 3000 Turboforce meat grinder is a powerful product that guarantees quick output. The company is known for its accurate product ratings, and this meat grinder is one of their best-received items.

The advantage of the STX Turbo is that all necessary attachments included with the machine. It operates on electricity and has three cutting blades made out of stainless steel. A size-12 grinding head, plates of different sizes, sausage stuffing tubes, Kubbe attachment, and an adapter are all also included as accessories.

The entire grinder builds from sturdy cast aluminum that won’t break or damage easily. Other products have an outer coat of the same but are not made entirely of this real metal. The 3000-watt power is useful when a large amount of meat needs to be ground. There are minimal chances of it getting stuck in the mechanism, and impressively sized quantities can be churn at the same time.

The biggest plus offered by the company is a three-year unconditional warranty that includes replacement and repair for any parts of the appliance that may fail. The company is very quick to respond to customer inquiries and work to ensure the client is completely satisfied.

As a user, the only hitch that you might face is this machine must be kept out of the dishwasher and should be washed by hand only. Unfortunately, this appliance’s metal material is not safe in dishwashers.

Based on the overall quality, performance, and features, I recommend the STX Turboforce Classic 3000 Series Electric Meat Grinder to anyone who is looking for the best performing meat grinder for home use.

02. LEM Products Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder

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LEM is one of the renowned names in the field of meat grinders. The big bite meat grinder from LEM is one of the perfect choices for people who want to have an extremely durable and premium quality meat grinder for their home.

The big bite series meat grinder is available in .35HP, .50HP, .75HP, and 1.5HP. So, you can choose the perfect horsepower according to your requirement. For home use, I recommend the 0.5HP model as it has the perfect combination of power and size. With this machine, you can grind around 7 pounds of meat per minute.

Built with stainless steel and Big Bite technology, it is light and flexible, easy to move around or place anywhere within your kitchen. This feature makes this meat grinder an excellent choice for travelers and hunters who are constantly on the go.

Meat like pork and beef can be ground in this electric grinder quickly and amounts to 2-3 pounds are easy to get through in just a few minutes. However, to insert the meat, you have to cut it into small pieces and put it through a feed tube. There is a storage drawer located under the grinder head. The machine comes with a meat stomper, a cutting knife, a stuffing plate, 3 tubes, and a large meat pan.

LEM #8 recommended for those who perform limited and occasional grinding. Commercial users need something more hardcore and powerful to complete their grinding tasks. Household chefs love this product because it is handy in grinding meat efficiently and can save them the trouble of purchasing processed meat.

LEM meat grinder is backed up by a 5-year warranty and excellent customer service that leaves users with little dissatisfaction. Additionally, many optional attachments can be ordered in the future and used as a part of the appliance should you wish to add to your meat grinder’s capabilities.

03. Aobosi 3-IN-1 Meat Mincer & Sausage Stuffer

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Imagine what it would be like by having a meat grinder with dual safety switches, three mincing functionalities, lightning mincing speed, high-quality construction alongside other classy and quality features.

Undoubtedly, such a tool would make your kitchen more enjoyable. Lesser risks will be involved due to the two safety switches and also more time-saving. I better stop going around the bush and introduce you to the world of the Aobosi electric grinder.

I believe it is the tool that every meat lover family needs to have to upgrade their lifestyle. Why?

The biggest of them all is its performance. It has a motor rated 12000w. Consequently, the engine supplies sufficient power to ensure that every meat piece is chopped into its atomic unit.

For restaurants set up. Their ideal tools need to have fast speed functionality to help supply more orders, resulting in big profits. In that case, this machine’s motor gives at lightning speed required in such a setup. On top of that, it is quick to use the switch to enhance the speed of their operations.

We are not yet through; the versatility of this grinder is on a whole new level. It is a 3-in-1 tool that is handy as a sausage stuffer, meat mincer, and kubbee maker. Simply, at an affordable cost of one device, you can save on the cost of the other two needed tools.

Lastly on this item is its safety promising features. This is an essential feature that every home cook should look at. To meet your expectations, this tool has two safety switches. How does that help?

The dual switch prevents you from accidentally switching on the machine. Also, noting that the sausage makers are prone to overheating, the device has a highly efficient circuit breaker.

If you are on a very tight budget, but still want to buy a good quality grinder for your home, this one is the perfect option for you. (Need more budget-friendly options? Check out these best meat grinders that come under $100)

04. ALTRA Electric Food Meat Grinder

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In today’s era, electric grinders are preferred over manual grinders due to their straightforward operations, lightning speed, and better chopping performances.

For the ALTRA meat grinder, it prides itself on the benefits of being electric powered and greatly enhanced features to take your kitchen experience to a better level. I better look at its construction in-depth, else you will mistake me for overpraising this tool.

What I adore most about this tool is its patented technology. This technology consists of spiral circles and rods which squeeze the meat to get out the fibers. Consequently, this grinder chops the meat out without the fibers making its output softer and tender.

Addedly, the motor of this machine is like no other. It is optimized with a power rating of 2000w to mince large quantities of meat at a go, at a breakneck speed, and to their tiniest particles. In fact, it can grind over 2 pounds of beef every 2 minutes.

As if all that is not enough, this machine has three functionalities. Already we are familiar with its excellent meat mincing functionality. It can also be used to grind garlic or chili and make delicious burgers, meatloaf, and meatballs.

When it comes to cleaning this tool, there are no hassles at all. Its components are relatively easy to disassemble and combine. Moreover, it has an in-built storage box, when you can place the dissembled accessories while cleaning.

On its safety, this fantastic meat mincer has an easy-to-operate switch. Yet, there is a reverse button, which will be quite handy if the compartments are clogged. Simply press the reverse button, and it will unclog itself.

05. Gourmia GMG525 Meat Grinder

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A product with an ETL certification is an indication that it meets the safety and performance standards. Among other exceptional features, the ETL certification is what makes the Gourmia GMG525 meat grinder stand out.

It is an excellent meat grinder with a three-way switch and a motor rating of 1000 watts. Its high performing engine is ranked as the best meat mincer for tough slabs of meat.

The best part is that this machine is faster and efficient. First, it is because it is electric powered and has one of the most robust engines in the market. Consequently, it grinds to its tiniest particles.

If you do mind your safety, then please consider this tool. I wonder who would have a tool that risks cutting off their fingers or any other body part. Fortunately, this tool has easy and tight locking components for safety reasons.

Yet, it has a dual switch to reduce the risks of accidentally powering on the machine. Alike, if you need to switch off the device urgently, then it’s powering off switch responds instantly to salvage the situation.

Further, sturdiness and non-contaminant crafting are vital considerations when purchasing a meat grinder. I mean, the components of the meat grinder should withstand harsh conditions such as moisture, and more importantly, its components need to be chemical-free for health reasons.

What’s my point?

This grinder is of chemical-free components that have been tested to be fit to handle food for consumption. Also, its parts are of high strength material to ensure it lasts longer.

06. Sunmile SM-G31 Meat Grinder

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With an ETL certificate, three cutting plates, and a sausage attachment is a meat grinder that outputs nothing less but finely chopped meat. However, it doesn’t restrict you on fine pieces if it isn’t your thing.

It has 3 cutting steel blades which cut different sizes. Thus, you can cut your meat into the finest pieces, medium sizes or coarse if you like it.

Similarly, this machine focuses on ensuring that you get things done in a jiff. How? It has a power input rating of 250 watts, ensuring that its blades function at a lightning-fast speed. Yet, its compartments are vast to accommodate large chunks of meat pieces.

But wait – we are not yet done.

If you plan to get this meat grinder for a home kitchen, its simple operations qualify it. To power it on, you only need to turn a quite intuitive switch which responds instantly.

Yet, when it comes to cleaning this item, there are no troubles at all. Its compartments are very easy to disassemble and remove. But the best part is that its plates are dishwasher compatible.

To top it off, your ground meat will come out smoothly. How do I know? This reliable tool has a fantastic interior design with small spaces on the meat tubes for effortless movements of the meat.

07. Twinzee Electric Meat Grinder

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Powered with a 1500w motor is a trapezoid-shaped meat grinder with free three meat plates, three sausage attachments, and a pusher. In other words, it comes with almost all the equipment needed to mince the meat or stuff your sausages.

That is not all about this greatly recommendable meat grinder.
Besides the stability assured by the trapezoid shape, this tool also has a leather style housing. Consequently, it is a super stylish and classy machine, but more importantly, it assures longevity.

The best part?

No struggles while using this well-performing machine. It has a switch to power it on and off. And in case it clogs, you do not have to disassemble it. Use the reverse button and let the machine unclog itself.

Another thing that is momentously enhanced in this tool is its longevity promising features. Most of its metallic components are steel and aluminum. Yet, it is treated against the risks of rusting to ensure it lives even beyond our expectations.

Lastly, the capacity of the mincer is quite critical. Ideally, one should choose a mincer with a higher capacity for time-saving reasons. For that reason, the holding compartment of this mincer is quite big. Yet, it allows extended continuous use periods without decreasing its efficiency.

08. BBday Multifunction Meat Grinder

While looking for a meat grinder that is worth your money, the critical features to look for are its power rating, ETL certification, and its operations. A high power rating indicates a fast and yet efficient tool, while the ETL certification suggests a device that meets the safety and performance standards.

For that reason, this electric meat slicer and sausage stuffer has everything in place to ensure that it meets your expectations. I am not kidding!

For instance, its input power rating is 1200w. With such high power, it guarantees that it will slice your meat in a few seconds or stuff the sausages in no time.

But more importantly, it also has the ETL certification. That means fewer risks are involved while handling it. Similarly, its efficiency is unquestionable.

Though what fascinates most people about this tool is its versatility. Allow me to explain!

In its construction, it has three plates, a food pusher, and three sausage attachments. The three meat plates allow its users to have differently sliced meat. That is coarse, fine, or medium sliced meat, whichever you want!

Coupling its brilliant interior design, sausage attachments, and the food pusher, this machine delivers some of the mouth-watering meatloaf, meatballs, and burgers.

It gets even better when cleaning this tool. First, press the reverse button and wait for it to unclog itself. Then, you can easily dissemble tits components and clean them with a soft cloth. Note that all of its components are not dishwasher compatible.

09. Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder

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Does it get in your nerves operating a tool that will take decades to respond? Worse, have you ever had a tool grinder that cuts in its way, and does it allow you to specify the size that you need? Life is already complicated, and having a complicated tool will make your life stressful most if not all time.


Here comes an excellent meant grinder that wants you to have your meat your style, at no troubles at all. I am damn serious.

The Cuisinart meat grinder is electrically powered and super gigantic in its performance to give unbeatable meat slicing functionalities.
More fascinating, it has up to 3 meat grinding plates. Consequently, you can set your needed grinding size at your speed.

No type of meat is too hard for its blades. That is due to its 300-watt motor, making it possible to cut various meat types such as beef, venison, turkey, and chicken.

Also, when dealing with electric powered objects, its electric code places movement limitations. That is why you should always regard a tool whose cord is lengthy for flexibility. Regarding that, the cable of this tool has a length of 34 inches to allow relative flexibility on the working space.

10. Kitchener Elite Meat Grinder

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To wrap up is the Kitchener meat grinder. Why should you consider this tool?

The standard electric powered meat grinders cannot withstand continuous grinding sessions. That is because their efficiency decreases in increases in the grinding period. Luckily this grinder brings in a difference. How?

It has a 120v/60hz ac motor, which equips it with more power for extended grinding sessions.

Yet, for impatient people like me, operating with a slow functioning meat grinder feels like a lifetime punishment. Worse, for big busy restaurants, a slow functioning tool results in a loss and a poor brand name to their customers.

Fortunately, this grinder has up to 3-speed levels to make things fast as possible. If you need facts, this grinder can grind over 240lbs per hour, equal to 4 lbs in a single minute.

To add, the meat grinders are highly prone to corrosion. Thus their durability, if not well looked at, is susceptible. Nothing to freak out on, though!

This is a highly performing meat grinder that has a long-lasting construction. It has an aluminum body, while its steel parts have a special treatment against rust. Also, to increase the lifespan of the knife and tray, they both have a removable design.

Among the many reasons why this tool is recommended for restaurants and big families, it is not only super-fast but also very easy to use and clean. On its operations, it has intuitive switches that respond in a second. Yet, against all odds, this machine can be washed in a dishwasher.

Everything you Need to Know About Meat Grinder

There are varieties of meat grinders designed to suit the custom needs of households. The food industry also requires durable meat grinders for its kitchens in restaurants around the world. Grocers, butchers, and chefs make use of grinders suited for commercial purposes. Many choose instead to opt for that’s effective at preparing the meat of all kinds.

Soft meat includes chicken and duck while lamb, beef, and pork fall under the tough category. The biggest boon of this modern appliance is that people no longer have to buy tinned or canned meat. This means healthier food intake is guaranteed, given there are less fat and no chemicals. You don’t have to worry about consuming bad-quality meat as you grind your own. Hunters save money, too, as they don’t need to pass on the task of their game.

There are manual and electrical meat grinders available to chop soft and tough meat varieties. Naturally, electrical machines are easy to use – all you need to do is switch on the start button and watch the grinders work. can fail to suit needs when the quantity of meat is too high. However, there are pros and cons to each variety, and users should weigh these factors before committing to a meat grinder.

Types of Meat Grinders

Manual Meat Grinders

Those who want to grind meat only for short, infrequent periods of time should choose a manual meat grinder. Additionally, physically inexperienced users may face problems with this product. They require elbow grease and strong arms to grind quickly tough meats. It takes time and energy. Sometimes, people choose to opt for a manual grinder because they don’t have guaranteed access to electricity.


  • Affordable: Manual grinders are simple in their mechanism and available at reasonable costs. Without having to use electricity at your restaurant, home, or shop, you can gain additional savings. With daily and frequent utilization, the amount of power and effort used with a manual grinder can matter greatly.
  • Handy: Manual grinders are safe and straightforward to use. Even when you don’t have access to electricity and need to get grinding, you can do so without hindrance. It is a practical choice for travelers, hunters, and those often on the move.
  • Exercise: Constant use of your arms makes manual grinders a surprisingly productive form of exercise. It is as effective as any regular upper arm workout at the gym.
  • Grinding Bones: Some manual meat grinders can be used for grinding bones. (Check out the best meat grinders for grinding bones)


  • Quick Output: Anything that requires human effort will take more time when compared to electricity.
  • Risky: Using a hand-operated meat grinder is very risky especially if you don’t have any prior experience of using this machine.
  • Tiring: One use of your manual grinder may make you grow bored of the grinding regime. No laziness is allowed in, it’s used to achieve ground meat; you need to work hard.
  • Hygiene: It is important to keep the meat cool. If you work on a manual grinder, the process grows longer if you need to freeze the meat before grinding. It is not advisable to expose meat to warm temperatures.

Electric Meat Grinders

These machines allow people to grind large quantities of meat quickly. Though they can be expensive, electric grinders allow people to complete relief and comfort. Those who like to play with different styles of grinding meat can do so with an electronic version, adjusting the grind and speed with the touch of a button.


  • Speed: An electrical grinder grinds meat quickly. You can have pounds of grounded meat ready within a few hours. It offers a much-required benefit to commercial users.
  • Increased Safety: There is less chance of food-borne illnesses, as electrical grinders don’t require much contact with the meat. Also, the machines are quick enough to chop meat before it spoils.
  • Easy to Use: Electrical grinders can just be switched on to use. Plug it in, and it’s ready to get grinding.


  • Heavy: It can be tough to move around an electric grinder due to their increased weight. It can be difficult when the user needs to travel or use the machine in a new location.
  • Maintenance: In the case of any mechanical problems, the machine will have to be fixed by professionals. Also, all mechanics might not be able to do justice to the task.
  • Expensive: Electric meat grinders can be affordable or costly, but they are pricier than a manual one.

Meat Grinder Attachments

Some electric mixers can accommodate a meat grinder attachment. They give the chef a chance to chop and grind meat but also leave scope for other cooking-related preparations. It is the best option for those who are not interested in spending much money, or who simply want to grind meat every so often. Those who have a motor/engine fixed into their grinders will find this an affordable option, as an attachment costs just a fraction of a standalone meat grinder.

If you need a meat grinder attachment, feel free to check my KitchenAid Meat Grinder Attachment reviews.

Final Words

So, that’s all about the best meat grinders for home use. I hope this was helpful for you to pick out a perfect grinder machine that suits your grinding needs. Buying one of these products will put you at ease when it comes to consuming quality meat and avoiding processed varieties.

There are plenty of designs available out in the market, and users can find a variety of meat grinder that matches with their kitchen and their cooking habits. Get a firm idea of the options available so that you can compare and check specifications. You can also discover inexpensive choices that fall within your budget, no matter your price range. So, start reading and analyzing your way into the world of meat grinding.

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