Best Manual Meat Slicers in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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If you want to have evenly sliced meat every time before cooking, you are going to need a meat slicer machine. Though you can slice meat by using a meat slicing knife, it’s quite difficult to get the perfect slice every time. On the other hand, meat slicer machines are specially designed to slice the meat at a predefined size.

In this article, we’ve put together a collection of the best manual meat slicers that are currently available on the market. Check our top selection, compare the features, and read our comprehensive buying guide to find the perfect manual meat slicer for your needs.

10 Best Manual Meat Slicers

Based on overall quality, performance, and features, the followings are the top 10 manual meat slicers in 2021:

Disclaimer: The meat slicers featured in this article may have affiliate links. We may earn commissions for qualifying purchases.

01. Befen Manual Frozen Meat Slicer

best manual meat slicer


MaterialStainless Steel
Weight5.5 pounds
Blade Length200mm
Slice Thickness0.2-20mm
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Some of the pre-sliced foods in a supermarket tend to be higher priced. Nonetheless, we usually purchase them to avoid the hassles of cutting the foods. If that has been your case, you no longer have to incur the extra cost of purchasing sliced vegetables or meat.

The Befen manual meat slicing machine has simplified everything by ensuring that slicing your foodstuffs is no longer troublesome. How is the construction of this machine?

To begin, its blade is of stainless steel material. This blade is not only of high strength that ensures it can cut all tough meats and last longer, but also it has a special treatment against corrosions.

Even better, you can adjust the slicing size. That is because it facilitates cutting size adjustability from 0.2mm up to 20mm. Also, this tool is super versatile. I don’t think there is any common vegetable or meat that it cannot chop. For instance, it can cut beef, chicken, ham, pizza, sandwiches, and even the frozen foods.

02. BAOSHISHAN Manual Frozen Meat Slicer

manual frozen meat slicer machine


MaterialStainless Steel
Weight5.84 pounds
Blade Length196mm
Slice Thickness0.3-25mm
PricePrice not available
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For the manual meat slicer, the user needs to pull the blade connected to the handle across the foodstuff to be cut. That means if the handle has poor construction, then it would be a hell of work to use your machine.

Brilliantly, the manufacturer of this tool incorporates one of the most fantastic handles. Its handle has an amazing rubberizing to give the user a firmer handling grip and, more critically, reduce the palms strains. Yet, it has a unique hand groove that holds the index finger, which means the handle will not slip off even if your hands are oily.

Further, this machine meets health standards. Its blade and every other surface contacting the food is of a 304 stainless steel material. This type of material is medically recommended to be safe from contaminating human food.

03. Garne T Manual Frozen Meat Slicer

top manual meat slicer


BrandGarne T
MaterialStainless Steel
Weight5.5 pounds
Blade Length7.87 Inches
Slice Thickness0.07-1 Inch
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The most critical factor to look at while shopping for a manual meat slicer is its operations. As its name suggests, most of its functionalities are manual, meaning if its functionalities are complicated, you will have a rough working session.

Despite being a manual tool, this meat slicer from the GarneT brand has the most straightforward operations. Its blade moves effortlessly; thus, you will have your meat into pieces at a simple pull.

Besides the simplified operations, this tool makes every food preparation a walkthrough. Why? That is because it will quickly chop anything that you need to cut. Typically it has a speed of 60 slices per minute. In addition to its high cutting power, it has cutting size adjustability, which means you can cut even the vegetables, topping, pizza, and also frozen meat.

04. CGOLDENWALL Manual Meat Slicer

manual meat slicer machine


MaterialStainless Steel
Weight7.93 Inches
Blade Length240mm
Slice Thickness0-10mm OR 0-60mm
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If there is a part of the meat slicer that needs regular maintenance is the blade. You may need to sharpen it or replac it. The blade is faces the cutting resistance force of the foodstuffs, which makes it blunt, or if its material is flimsy, it might even break.

All credits to the manufacturer of the CGOLDENWALL meat slicer. This tool has 4Cr13 stainless steel material. This metal meets the health standards against food contamination, meaning your family is safe. More importantly, the blade’s material is tough to withstand the cutting forces without breaking and takes ages before getting blunt.

Further, this machine incorporates precision technology. This crafting style consists of calibrations and a cutting panel that lets the user adjust the machine’s cutting size at a wide range.

Similarly, this fantastic tool comes with a storage tray. You can use this tray to pace your foodstuffs for fast accessibility while cutting them.

05. BAOSHISHAN Manual Frozen Meat Slicing Machine

best manual meat slicing machine


MaterialStainless Steel
Weight6.49 Inches
Blade Length7.8 Inches
Slice Thickness0.3-15mm
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Among the many reasons why most of the homeowners love manual meat slicers is their silent operations. Imagine having a kitchen whose tools have annoying buzzing sound. Honestly, that will be inconveniencing to the other occupants, and if you are like me, you will end up with a hurting head.

This exceptional machine from the BAOSHISHAN brand is a perfect tool for every homeowner. Needless to say, its operations are pin-drop silent to offer a serene working environment.

But wait- there is more about this machine.

This machine comes with an extra storage tray. The tray is handy in placing the foodstuffs to be cut closer for fast accessibility. Yet, this tool is super versatile. I mean, it will cut your meat with much ease but also, it extends its cutting functionalities to other common foodstuffs such as toppings, sandwiches, etc.

Suppose you need a meat slicer that will last for ages, here is the right tool to pay for. Its body is of sturdy stainless steel, which is treated against rust. Moreover, its handle is of a maximum rubberizing for durability and also safety.

06. ColouredPeas Manual Meat Slicer

high quality manual meat slicer


MaterialStainless Steel
Weight4.14 Inches
Blade Length17cm
Slice Thickness3-8mm
PricePrice not available
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Safety is critical in every tool you pay for. And a tool that compromises your safety is not worth it. Among the many reasons which qualify the ColoredPeas meat slicer in our list is the safety it promises to the users.

On its bottom part, this machine has a suction cup. The suction cups create pressure between the surface and the machine, which increases its stability. Consequently, this machine is not prone to skidding.

Nonetheless, its handle crafting style saves your hands from blisters. Blisters are a result of intense friction on the human skin. This tool has rubberizing and finger groves, which reduce friction while using it.

Yet, this machine is quite flexible. First, it has no power cord, meaning you can work from any point in your kitchen. Next, its blades are extensively upgraded to cut all sorts of food, including vegetables and frozen meat. You can adjust its cutting size to your ideal size.

07. Aingycy Frozen Hand Slicing Machine

best hand meat slicer


MaterialStainless Steel
Weight5.77 pounds
Blade Length170cm
Slice Thickness0.2mm – 25mm
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Do you need a tool that will cut any foodstuffs in your kitchen, including bones? If so, this hand meat slicer would be your perfect option for you. This tool has more power and a sturdier blade, giving its strength to cut almost all common foods.

Another reason this tool is famous to the butchers and the homeowners is its durability promising features. It has waterproof surfaces hence very safe from the damaging effects of moisture on metals. More so, it is of a high-strength metal to give it an extended life span.

Its feet have a suction cup crafting style which prevents skidding accidents. Yet, this machine has silent operations to save your ears while its surfaces in contact with the food are safe from food contamination.

08. Moongiantgo Manual Frozen Meat Slicer

vintage manual meat slicer


MaterialStainless Steel
Weight7.04 pounds
Blade Length8.5 Inches
Slice Thickness0.1mm – 20mm
PricePrice not available
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A meat slicer that allows cutting size adjustability makes it possible to cut your food at the ideal size. Such meat slicers can also be used to cut soft vegetables.

Specifically, this tool has a cutting adjustability range of 0.1mm to 20mm. Thus you can have thinly sliced food or coarse if that is what you love.

As if that is not enough, it will be super easy to adjust the cutting size of this meat slicer. You just need to loosen the nut in a clockwise direction to reduce the size or anti-clockwise to increase the size. Next, pull or push the baffle and then fix the nut in a clockwise direction. So simple!

Lastly, this machine comes with a storage tray. This is quite handy in placing the foodstuffs that you will need for accessibility.

09. CGOLDENWALL Manual Ribs Meat Slicer

manual hand operated meat slicer


MaterialStainless Steel
Weight3.96 pounds
Blade Length190mm
Slice Thickness0.1mm – 45mm
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Next, we have this amazing meat slicing machine that can cut almost any foodstuffs. Against all odds, its blade is optimized with more strength to cut even the soft bones, pigs’ feet, ribs, herb, pastry, and much more.

Also, this machine uses the principle of leverage. This crafting technique requires lesser energy to cut the meat or the bones, making it quite energy-saving.

Similarly, this tool has a precision scale. The scale is calibrated on the working panel for better visibility. The best part is that its scale has a wide range of 0 to 45 mm. Thus, you can adjust your cutting size at much ease.

This machine will live for ages. Why? Its surface is waterproof. Meaning it is safer from moisture which is the leading cause of corrosions in metals. Yet its blade is of a heavy strength metal for more cutting force without breaking.

10. ZEVELOO Manual Hand Operated Meat Slicer

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MaterialStainless Steel
Weight5.07 pounds
Blade Length170mm
Slice Thickness0.3-8mm
PriceNo products found.
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To wrap up, we have a meat slicing machine that is safe for the user, has a fast speed, and promises to live longer.

First, let’s look at its safety-promising feature. This machine handle has maximum padding and finger grooves. Accordingly, it will not cause blisters even after using it for extended periods. Also, the finger grooves prevent the handle from slipping from the users’ hands.

Similarly, this machine has a robust constructing material. It is a stainless steel material that can withstand intense cutting forces without breaking. Yet, its surfaces are waterproof and rustproof to increase its longevity.

Likewise, this machine has an adjustable cutting size ranging from 0.3 to 8 mm. Coupling with its sturdy blade, this tool has extra functionalities. Besides cutting meat, you can use it to cut cucumber, root slices, and potatoes.

Why Choose Manual Meat Slicer?

Among a wide variety of meat slicing machines, manual meat slicers are one of the ideal choices for mid-level tasks in the kitchen, small restaurants, and butcher shops. This is also a powerful addition to any kitchen.

  • Perfect Slicing: This machine allows you to slice the meat into perfect and consistent pieces without spending a lot of money on an electric or commercial machine. The manual meat slicer can make you cut up to 0.01-inch slices, which is usually not possible with ordinary knives.
  • Time-Saving: Hand-operated meat slicers are time-saving. With this machine, you can make up to 60 slices per minute which is quite impossible to achieve with a knife.
  • Multipurpose: Another interesting fact about manual meat slicers is these machines are multipurpose. You can use these machines to cut various fruits and vegetables. Usually, these machines are designed to slice meat, frozen foods, hard fruits, vegetables, sausages, and other soft items. So, you don’t need to pay for additional slicing or cutting machines.
  • Maintain Food Hygiene: These machines are usually made of stainless steel material which ensures food hygiene and prevents any bacterial growth. In addition to food-grade material, these machine comes with a smooth and seamless design which allows easy cleaning and maintenance. So, it minimizes the mess that usually occurs during meat, fruit, or vegetable slicing.
  • Safety: Without previous experience, any operation involving sharp blades is very dangerous. With that being said, the best manual meat slicers should come with the proper safety features. However, the majority of the meat slicers featured in this article have top-notch safety features.

How Manual Meat Slicer Works?

Before talking about this, let’s make things clear. Though there are some similarities between electric and manual meat slicers, there is a clear distinction between these two types of machines. Both the machine has manual operation but the main difference between them is the power supply of blade.

best manual meat slicers

Electric meat slicers are usually equipped with a motor of ½ or 1 horsepower and these machine uses a belt to transmit motion to rotate the blade. On the other hand, manual meat slicers come with a handle that you need to rotate to slice meat, fruits, vegetables, or other items. A large, sharp stainless steel blade is equipped with these machines which is used to slice the meat and other items.

Watch the following video to learn how to operate a manual meat slicer:

One thing you should consider that – none of the models can slice hard bones. With a sturdy blade, you may slice frozen meat and soft bones, but you cannot slice had bones or any other hard items.

Also, you need to sharpen the blade or replace the blade before slicing meat or vegetables to get a perfect slice.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Manual Meat Slicer for the Money?

Whether it’s a manual or electric meat slicer, you always need to consider some factors before buying one. This is why choosing the perfect manual meat slicer is quite challenging for anyone. In the following section, we’re going to discuss the key factors that you should consider before choosing a manual hand-operated meat slicer on the market.


There are two major types of meat slicers available on the market – electric and manual. Among these two types, electric meat slicers are suitable for slicing raw meat, fruits, and vegetable. But, if you want to slice frozen meat, you must consider choosing a manual meat slicer. So, if your purpose of buying a meat slicer is to slice frozen meat, then you should go for the manual model.

Materials & Construction

Next, you should consider the construction material and build quality of the machine. Usually, the top-rated meat slicers are made of heavy-duty stainless steel material. This type of material is best for any machine. The cutting blade of the meat slicer should also be made of durable steel. Though carbon steel is the best for meat slicing blades, you can also consider choosing the stainless steel blade.

In addition to the steel body, all the knobs and the handle should be made of durable and PVC material. The handle should have a comfortable grip for smooth operation. Finally, the machine should have a smooth and seamless surface without any gaps or unfinished welds to prevent food particles and germs from hiding. A smooth surface also ensures proper cleaning and maintenance of the machine.

Above all, should consider choosing the meat slicer that comes with food-grade materials. This way, all the food in contact with the food will remain safe from any kind of food contamination.


The most important reason for buying a meat slicer is they can provide equal sizes of slices every time. These machines can slice between 0.1 to 60mm. You should make sure that the particular model you are choosing provides consistency while slicing meat.

In addition to consistency, they should also be multipurpose, which means you should be able to use the machine to slice a variety of items, including meat, fruits, vegetables, cheese, etc.

Safety Feature

The meat slicer itself is a dangerous machine if you cannot handle it properly. Since it contains a sharp knife, you need to be very careful while using this machine. The mechanical unit of the slicer should have a reliable loading bracket and an ergonomic non-slip handle so that you can apply force easily. In addition, there should be a safe food holder for holding sliced items. Don’t forget to check out the safety feature of the machine before choosing.

Cleaning & Maintenance

As we mentioned earlier, meat slicers usually come with a smooth and seamless surface. This kind of construction makes it easier to clean the machine. In addition to that, the parts of the meat slicer should be very to assemble and disassemble so that you can easily clean each and every part without any difficulties. The stainless-steel construction makes the machine easy to clean and disinfect by using any detergent. Make sure the machine comes with a smooth surface and doesn’t have any hard-to-reach gap.

Here’s a video showing how to clean a manual meat slicer machine:

Final Remarks

Choosing the perfect manual meat slicer among a wide variety of options in the market is quite difficult. You need to consider several factors such as – built quality, materials, performance, safety features, cleaning, maintenance, etc. The meat slicers featured in this article are picked on the basis of overall quality, performance, and features. We strongly believe that you will find the best manual meat slicers from the above list. Take your time to read our review and pick the right one that fulfills your requirements.

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