Best Meat Mixers for Home & Commercial Use

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After grinding meat, the first thing you need to make sure is that it has been seasoned correctly before cooking. Although it can be done manually, it can be very time-consuming and tiring. This is where the meat mixer comes. Fortunately, you can perfectly mix the ground meat by using a meat mixer. And the fun part is – it is super easy to operate these machines and will not take much time for mixing meat.

Though meat mixers are designed to mix minced meat, you can use these machines to mix different types of spices, curing agents, etc. All in all, meat mixers are perfect for making sausages, hot dogs, meat pies, and many other meat recipes.

When it comes to choosing a perfect meat mixer for home or commercial use, you will find so many options available on the market. Thus, finding the right one is quite challenging for anyone. This is why we spend our time researching and collecting necessary information about various types of meat mixers.

Based on our research, we are presenting here a collection of the best meat mixers that are currently available on the market. Check our updated list and read our reviews to find the right meat mixer for your needs.

10 Best Meat Mixers in 2021

Based on the materials, build quality, performance, capacity, and features, the followings are our top 10 meat mixers of 2021:

01. Hakka 60-Pound Manual Meat Mixer

Hakka 60-Pound Manual Meat Mixer
  • MIX LARGER BATCHES EFFORTLESSLY - Our meat mixer boasts an increased capacity, allowing you to mix up to 45 lbs of meat at once. No more small batches – save time and effort!
  • UNMATCHED DURABILITY - Crafted from premium stainless steel, our meat mixer 45 lbs is built to last. Say goodbye to rusting and poor welds – this mixer is designed for years of reliable use.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN - With simple assembly and disassembly, our sausage mixer makes meat mixing a breeze. Spend less time on cleanup and more time enjoying your delicious creations. ADD TO CART now.

Meat mixers are usually of a metallic material. Due to their functionality, these metallic surfaces are constantly in exposure to water or moisture. In other words, this machine is highly prone to rust, making them waste sooner.

Fortunately, the brilliant crafting of this top-rated item ensures that it offers not only excellent meat mixing functionality but also it will live forever.

Its surfaces are of stainless steel, which is a heavy-strength material. More so, it has a unique polishing making it resistant to the damaging effects of corrosions.

Consequently, this is a long-living machine. Moving to its performance, nothing is left to chance. It has a quick turning crank and a transmission gear making it easy to connect the meat mixer.

02. Chard MM-102 Meat Mixer

Chard MM-102 Meat Mixer
  • 20 lb. Hopper capacity
  • Stainless Steel Body and removable Mixing Blades
  • Die Cast Crank with Poly Handle

If you are looking for a meat mixer for a food store or restaurant, please stop by. Meat mixers for large meat production need to have a broader capacity and extremely high flexibility on their blades, as is the Chard MM-102 meat mixer.

This tool has a hopper capacity of over 20lbs. In conjunction with its seamless handle, you can be sure to ground large meat quantities in a short period.

Even better, this machine has removable blades. What’s the catch here?

The removable blades make it easy to change the blades according to your needs quickly. Even so, in case of the blade breaks, you can easily replace it. Another thing about this tool is its ease of cleaning. Kindly allow me to explain. Its stainless steel surface is also stain-resistant and even better; its construction design makes it relatively easy to disassemble. In short, this is a trouble-free machine.

03. LEM 654 Stainless Steel Meat Mixer

LEM 654 Stainless Steel Meat Mixer
  • Versatile Operation and Smaller Footprint: This Meat Mixer easily accommodates 15-20lbs of ground meat, creating a perfect meat mixture within minutes. It also includes a clear acrylic cover for...
  • Simple Manual Crank: Equipped with an easy-to-use manual crank, this mixer's stainless steel paddles thoroughly blend meat, water, and seasonings—from small to large batches of sausage or any other...
  • Rust-Resistant and Durable: The tub and four mixing paddles are made of stainless steel, making them rust-resistant and easy to clean after use.

Since the foundation, LEM has provided nothing less quality and affordable products. And this meat mixer from this excellent brand is no exception.

What determines the quality of a meat mixer is the blades and its body material. Ideally, the mixer body should be of a heavy strength material, while the blade should be sturdy to deal with even the tough meat.

Maybe unsurprising, this LEM mixer has 654 steel materials known to bear all the wear and tear. Its blades are extremely sturdy material and significantly reinforced on its connecting points to cut the trough meat without breaking.

Could you wait a moment? We are not done yet. If you are a sausage lover, no more hassles in getting them done. At no extra cost, this machine has a sausage attachment which is relatively easy to operate. Thus you will get your sausages done in a second.

04. Guide Gear Stainless Steel Meat Mixer

Guide Gear Stainless Steel Meat Mixer
  • Ideal for blending wild game and seasoning for mouthwatering sausage
  • Sturdy and rust-resistant
  • Easy to use and easy to clean

When purchasing kitchen tools, it is vital to ensure that it has no health risks. Any surface that is in contact with your food should be safe from food contamination. Else, you will be risking getting cancer, among other deadly diseases.

Alongside its matchless operations, the Guide Gear meat mixer is exceedingly recommendable due to its food non-contaminant surfaces. No one should risk their health!

The parts in contact with the food are of unique stainless steel material of a medical grade. Similarly, this machine has no emissions thus very safe from environmental pollution. Due to its silent operations, your ears are safe, and your kitchen will have a serene environment.

The best part?

This machine handles the food very gently but efficiently. Consequently, it does not destroy the fiber structure of the meat. Also, while using its sausage attachment, its fantastic technology will retain the nutrients and the flavors. Thus it is the ideal tool for making delicious meals.

05. LEM Big Bite Tilt Meat Mixer

LEM Big Bite Tilt Meat Mixer
  • Three-Way Tilt: With three tilt positions (90°, 115°, and 180°), our tilt mixer allows for easy unloading, filling, and storage. Whether emptying the tub, adding more ingredients, or simply storing...
  • Powerful Mixing: Equipped with roller bearings and step gear in the gearbox, this mixer delivers powerful torque to the four stainless steel paddles, ensuring a thorough mix of your meat.
  • Adjustable Stability: The skid-resistant feet provide balance and stability on even surfaces and also adjust in height and swivel to accommodate uneven surfaces. A clear acrylic cover for safety and a...

Yet, this is another exceedingly recommendable meat mixer from the LEM brand. It has a hopper capacity of 25 pounds and dimensions of 10 3/4″ L x 10″ W x 12″ H.  Why will it be un-regrettable to purchase this meat mixer?

First of all, this machine has multiple tilt positions. You can position it at 90, 115, or 180 degrees to get the appropriate stance for trouble-free operations.

To ensure comfortable operation, this machine has an adjustable height. Thus you can work at a height that does not strain your back muscles. I don’t have to emphasize how painful are the back pains.

The most fascinating part? This machine is electrically powered. Meaning you don’t have to struggle with rotating the crank, as is the manual mixers’ case. More so, it has the best powerful motors for better functioning of the blades at the swiftest speed.

06. Guide Gear 7 Gallon Meat Mixer

Guide Gear 7 Gallon Stainless Steel Meat Mixer
  • Can be attached to a grinder for efficiency
  • 90° tilt with 4 lockable positions simplifies meat operation, unloading
  • Efficient 4-paddle auger

The key reason why this Guide Gear small meat mixer remains a favorite tool to the most professional chefs is its adjustable tilting positions and the elegantly constructed lid.

This machine has a 90 degrees tilting angle with up to 4 locking positions. Hence, you can position it at your appropriate tilt to safely load and unload it.

When it comes to adding water and spices, you don’t have to take off the lid as it is the usual case. Its lid has a fantastic design with a hole on the top. Thus, you can use the slot to add your spices with the lid on the surface.

Similarly, this machine promises to live up to your expectations, if not beyond. Besides its fast and efficient performance, it has a heavy-strength construction. Its steel surfaces and reinforced blades will bear intense frictions if you are a regular meat mixer. But more importantly, they will withstand any braking force.

07. LEM Products Motorized Meat Mixer

LEM Products Motorized Meat Mixer
  • Stainless steel hopper; Four stainless steel mixing paddles; 50 pound capacity
  • Easy to clean; Rust resistant
  • Includes plexi-glass cover; Can attach to LEM Grinders; Use with a .75HP motor or larger

Personally, I do prefer electric meat mixers. They are generally easy to operate, and due to their motors, they are faster than manual mixers. In addition to being electrically powered, the LEM motorized meat mixer has a greatly enhanced design.

Its motor has a horsepower of 0.75 HP, which is 3 times better than the average industry horsepower rating. Consequently, its operations are the swiftest. Yet, its blades are equipped with more force to deal with even rigid meat slabs.

Beyond that, this machine has a more comprehensive capacity. Its hopper can handle over 50 pounds of meat. Even considering that it will mix very fast, this machine is ideal for setups requiring enormous meat production.

Next is its handle, which has excellent padding to keep your palms safe from blisters. Yet, it has excellent polishing making it resistant to dust and dirt.

08. Sportsman 4-Gallon Meat Mixer

Sportsman 4-Gallon Meat Mixer
  • Mix your own meat, fowl or wild game
  • Add your favorite seasonings for fresh and healthy homemade meals
  • Includes clear see-through lid and removable paddle for easy cleaning

A see-through lid is exceedingly recommendable for the meat mixers. Why? So simple, they let you see the meat’s cooking process clearly to know when to power off the machine to conserve on the power. The sportsman is one of the great meat mixers that has a see-through lid.

Nevertheless, this machine has an extended living construction. Well, it would be disappointing to pay for a tool whose blade will break the next week, if not the day.

Though this machine is of reinforced steel construction that equips it for longevity, it is treated against rust, which is a significant threat to the life of meat machines.

Another reason why I love this tool is its brilliant meat handling technology. Let me explain something first. How the meat mixer handles the meat affects its fiber structure, and to some extent, if harsh, it may drain the nutrients and the flavors.

Fortunately for this tool, it handles all the foods brilliantly to retain their nutrients, flavors, and fiber structure.

09. LEM Big Bite Fixed Position Mixer

LEM Big Bite Fixed Position Mixer
  • Fixed Position: With a fixed position, our mixer easily mixes large batches, small batches, or any size in between in just minutes. A clear acrylic cover for safety and a crank handle for manual use...
  • Powerful Mixing: Equipped with roller bearings and step gear in the gearbox, this mixer delivers powerful torque to the four stainless steel paddles, ensuring a thorough mix of your meat.
  • Adjustable Stability: The skid-resistant feet not only provide balance and stability on even surfaces but also adjust in height and swivel to accommodate uneven surfaces.

Usually, meat mixers are dishwasher unsafe. Against all odds, this LEM big bite machine can be cleaned with a dishwasher without damaging it. I think it is due to its stain-resistant surfaces, which simplify the cleaning process.

This machine is recommendable if you have storage space problems. Why? It has a compact design with a smaller, but stable base thus takes minimal working area.

One more thing you would look at is a meat mixer capacity. This machine has a 50-pound capacity, which is way beyond a home kitchen’s needs and fits a relatively large food store.

Even better, this machine grinds at a supersonic speed. No one wants a machine that takes decades to mix small amounts of meat. Time wastage is detestable in such an area.

10. Weston Stainless Steel Meat Mixer

Weston Stainless Steel Meat Mixer
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Capacity is 44 lbs. of meat
  • Removable mixing paddles

Finally, we have this giant meat mixer from the Weston brand. This machine comes with a hopper capacity of 44 pounds which is worth your money. Below are the reasons.

Typically, meat mixers are prone to skidding due to their height. Needless to say, if a meat mixer skids, it means an accident in the kitchen. That is why the feet of this machine are rubberized. The rubber material firmly grips the working space to prevent skidding.

From the little chemistry knowledge, the leading cause of corrosion in metals is moisture. Unfortunately, the meat mixers cannot escape constant exposure to moisture. Worse, if you are a regular meat mixer, your machine is typically on its way to its deathbed.

The good news, this machine not only has an elegant finish for eye-appealing appearances but also has a special treatment against corrosions. Coupling with its heavy-strength metal construction, this tool is constructed to live forages.

Final Words

Choosing the perfect meat mixer is very essential for anyone who needs this machine on a regular basis for mixing meat at their home, restaurant, or butcher shop. We tried to narrow down your choice among a wide variety of options and we strongly believe that the above discussion was helpful to find the best meat mixers on the market. Take your time to check out the features of each of these machines and pick the right one that fulfills most of your requirements.

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